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  Summer of ‘74 …a true story of friends one summer - sort of…  
Treatment / Synopsis

“Summer of ‘74” is a trip back to a simpler time that transitions from the Southern California Beaches to a Northern California Dude Ranch. The cast is small but easily developed, and the locations are graphic yet visual and limited. With minimal stunts and minor need for special effects, “Summer of ‘74” could be made on a limited budget.

It’s the story of a couple of surfers who head north to work for the summer at the Gold Miner Ranch in Northern California and bring their So Cal ways to the cowboy lifestyle. Surfer Mike and his friend Slob plan to work hard, party, meet the cowgirl “Dudettes” and did I say party? The boys are bonded by a passion and energy the likes of which the locals have never seen and with cannabis abounding, they take on the cowboy scene by storm.

The locals seem a little suspicious at first especially when Mike shows up to go horseback riding in his baggies, tank top and flip flops. He overcomes the Surfer stereotype and after rocking out with the local band - is accepted by almost all except for one, Ace Wellington – who is a Senators Son and the local bad ass. He drives an awesome Chevy Chevelle 427 and has all of the beautiful cowgirls at his disposal.

Mike’s passion for rock and roll and the beautiful women is only made more complex by the girl that he loves back at home. When he doesn’t receive any letters from her he wonders - does she still want him?

After several run ins with Ace – He is challenged to a race with only three days to get ready. Having left his Plymouth Duster 340 six pack in San Diego (The baddest car in town) - he finds another Duster with a lot of damage and with the help of Biker Jack and Waldo the Bartender – they get the car race ready (Including a few tricks). The race is on! In the end – Surfer whoops cowboy. All set ego’s aside and party into the night. Mike flies home to find the love of his life waiting for him at the airport – His Car! And standing next to his car – the girl of his dreams – Linda.

“Summer of ‘74” is a “Fast Times at Ridgemont High” tale of Surfer passion that clashes with Cowboy desperation. Mike finds himself in a good ol boy battle of hopelessly talented vs the doggedly determined and in the end – everybody wins and the party rages on.

Summer of ‘74 will appeal to both genders and people of all ages.

All of the three main groups represented - Surfers, Cowboys and Bikers will have a strong influence on those who will attend.

Also represented will be the classic car group.

All of these groups are very strong right now.


There is a general interest in the simpler times of the 70’s.

Of the groups represented in this story - (the Surfers, Cowboys and Bikers), all will have merchandising appeal.

The easiest group to market will be the Surfers.

The baggies, tank tops, surfboards and even the Wave Finder Watch that Surfer Mike wears.

For the true Beach Boy fans - there is also reference to the “Pied Piper and the Magic Transistor Radio which could also be a marketing item. There are endless possibilities with clothing, accessories etc.


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James “Mike” Lewis
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