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Our mission is to bring a quality production not only to entertain, but to bring people back to a simpler time when cultures no matter how diverse were still able to merge and co-exist. To the older crowd, this hilarious look at the Surfing and Country Western scenes will remind them of where they were and what they were doing during this time in their lives. To the younger crowd, this wonderful story will give them an insight to the craziness, the hard driving spirit, fun loving and innocence of that time. Summer of ’74 is sure to be enjoyed by all. This project has been a dream of mine for over thirty years. Having lived most of the events myself, the story has burned a passion in my heart so I began to put my plan together. Over the next 30 or so years, I put thoughts to paper. When my friends and I would talk about that summer – we would refer to it as the Summer of ’74. This is the motivation for the title of the project. We often wondered how we survived but knew that even with the culture clash between the surfing and country western scenes, the underlying spirit of wanting to enjoy life could overcome any and all diversities. Mix that with teens / young adults coming of age, you have a wonderful story.
  ~ Mike Lewis
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