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W. Joe Joseph wrote;

I love this. I just started surfing. The best feeling in the world. Surfing, Girls and Rock n Roll, never fails. You have a big demographic to market this. Much success to you.

Patrick Smith wrote;

Sounds like an exciting action, adventure story and I can’t wait to see it on the big screen. I rate it 5 stars.

Shay Arigbede wrote;

Your panels and storyboard look really well planned. Interested to watch how this continues and translates to screen.

Duanna Speights wrote;

This sounds awesome! Would love to see this on the big screen! I’m definitely a follower. You’ve got 5 stars from me!

7Boards Luca Alfori wrote;

I hope to see more! My compliments for a great idea!

Edward Goree wrote;

Sounds very interesting. Five star worthy

James Mazzone wrote;

Looks like fun. I remember those days as being care free and fun! And oh my – the women and the cars – can’t get much better than that!!!! Have rated 5 stars. Good luck with your project!

Luis Colon wrote;

Like the concept. It could have some great cinematic shots. Good Luck!!

Luigi Benvisto wrote;

Love cowboy, action, fast cars and rock ‘n’ roll!! This is definitely something I’d like to see!

Elizabeth Rodriguez wrote;

Love this….I think we are close to the same age... they don’t make summers like that anymore…

Robert Henderson wrote;

It looks great and the plot reads very well. Rated 5 stars

Van_01 Nisa Cruz wrote;

This looks like a great project. Can’t wait to see it get greenlighted!!

Toni Kamau wrote;

Woohoo! Lovely coming of age film.

D.G. Balaz;


Maria Duenas wrote;

The 70’s were a great time. I would love to see that time brought back to life and this looks like the perfect vehicle. Have rated 5 stars. Good luck!!

Mark Rakenzes wrote;

A little bit of One Crazy Summer meets Vision Quest with a touch of Fast Times at Ridgemont High. Reminds me of the cool films that I would see as a teenager in the mid 70’s through the 80’s, where nice guys do finish FIRST. Good job Mike.

Callaye Padiernos wrote;

Sounds like cool action, some drama and a hint of romance. Can’t wait to see it on the big screen.

Ragan Dietrich wrote;

Great job Mike. Good luck…Congrats

Les Allen wrote;

This story brings back memories when times were good.

Horse_01 Sean Carlo wrote;

Looks good Mike!! I’d like to see this 70’s style in this film!

Jose Arvizu wrote;

Being from So Cal, I will love this project.

Rich Goldstein wrote;

Like others have said, can’t get enough of these types of stories. Nice mix of Plot devices.

Johnny Murillo;

You know how to make a movie! Very cool! Rated a high 5!!

Paul Corio wrote;

Nice concept. We need more movies about those wild times! Bikers, cars, beaches and babes only make it better…….

Genevieve Cole wrote;

Love this project! It truly hones in on the “Male Brain” and how it perceives the entire process of pursuing a chance love interest while satisfying the sociological expectations of a pride of lions. Witty, incredibly engaging and a fun read – well done!

Han Parker wrote;

Pretty much the story of my life except in 2004.

Roberta Griffin wrote;

This is going to be a fun movie. Looking forward to seeing it!

Robyn and John McKeithan wrote;

‘74 was a great year! Good times

Food_01 Tauba Gonzales wrote;

Sounds like you and on to something here! Can’t wait to see it on the big screen! Best of luck.

Darren S. Cook;

A fun summer film with action, cars and laughter…5 stars from me and good luck!

Nahreen Tarzi wrote;

Fun Concept! And good characters

James Lewis wrote;

Love the storyline. It’s easy to relate as I grew up near the beach. I would definitely pay to see this. Rated 5 stars and will follow.

Matt O’Connor wrote;

Sounds like a fun premise and surfers always get my vote!

El Guillory II wrote;

Sounds like a hell of a summer and a good flick. Good Luck! “Slob” is a great name for a character by the way….

B. P. West;

Dear Mike or (Should I say Biker Jack?) Thank you for letting me read Summer of ’74. It was a fantastic story, I really enjoyed it! Very funny and very exciting! This film would simultaneously fit perfectly into the 70’s Drive-in circuit next to Malibu Hot Summer or Hollywood Boulevard AND fittingly shared shelf space in the early VHS days next to Animal House, Porky’s, Squeeze Play, Meatballs and the like. Mike, I say this in all sincerity, you’ve hit the nail on the head of retro-comedy. It’s an ode to the 70’s/80’s fun hearted comedic cinema. It’s a love song to the classic California. It’s an escape from reality you don’t want to leave. In short, it’s a brilliant story. I can’t wait to read the next draft and see how you fine tune the foundation you’ve already laid for an amazing film! I’d definitely love to speak to you more about the project soon! Thanks!

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